• Issue 98 - February 28, 2017


    Outperforming Competitors

    Agile companies require Agile leadership. It is in the C-suite’s own best interest to invest in Business Agility.  But unfortunately, the majority of today’s leaders are early in their development path because the previous century rewarded. How to change that? Here are few ideas.


    Don’t Answer – Just Yet

    Should you follow the Spotify model? Or LeSS? Or SaFe? Or?  deciding to implement a model a-priori as the end solution is like providing the answer before knowing the question. Getting to an answer like this is not very smart. Instead, what if you start with the simplest process that works? And then you build it up using Empirical Process Control and a framework that makes transparent to all what to improve. How to go about it? Here are a few thoughts.


    What Do Best Mentors Do?

    How  do leaders better judge and develop their talent in light of a changing, more purpose-driven, more tech-enabled work environment? They do everything they can to imprint their “goodness” onto others in ways that make others feel like fuller versions of themselves. Best leaders practice a form of leadership that is less about creating followers and more about creating other leaders. How to go about helping people achieve that as a mentor? Read on.


    Consensus – Good or Bad for Decision Making?

    Given the right context, consensus results in a better decision and creates strong buy-in and shared ownership. It is particularly helpful when the stakes are high and you have to make a complex product decision. Should you always aim for consensus to make product related decisions? If not – how do you know when? Have a look.


    Simple Ways to Get More Done

    We all want to stay focussed. But that’s not easy. Sometimes it’s just not that easy: multitasking, distracting behaviour of colleagues, social media, and physical discomfort, like low light or noise at the workplace, often cost us valuable work hours and prevent us from accomplishing more. How to change this? Here are a few simple ways.


    Design Lessons From Netflix

    Creative product leadership is critical. Teams do better with a focusing force. But what about following a genius?  leadership, in any form, is not the genius. Or is it? Do design geniuses exist? Should we relying on finding one and then following them? Here are a few insights.


    5 Expert Code Review Tricks

    While some might not like the idea of co-workers going through their code, others embrace it as a way to grow, learn, or simply prove how awesome their code is. What if you knew the expert code review tricks, based on data gathered from 3.2 millions lines of code? Well, here those are.