• Issue 97 - February 20, 2017


    Are You a Happy Product Owner?

    Product owners are pulled in multiple directions. When they are building something new, they envision a future that doesn’t exist today.  They are decisive, the bring us step closer to this visionary future every day. They are immersed with their customers. How do they keep themselves “healthy” and happy among all this? Have a look.


    What, no CEO?

    Can a company work without a CEO? How does it scale, the company and the concept? How long can a company last without a leader? What if there are disagreements about pay and incentives? It can’t really work, can it? Read on.


    Is Scrum Faster and Cheaper?

    Scrum enables delivery of small, additive pieces of software. The focus is on delivering value. The iterative-incremental nature of Scrum gives us feedback and tests our assumptions about value. It provides  transparency to progress and value as functionality is delivered each Sprint. But is it faster and cheaper? Have a look.


    Small Batch Delivery – Big Batch Finance

    Your teams are able to deliver new chunks of software in a short time frame. Your sprint and release planning are getting better. Delivery has clearly improved. But you still get asked every December to estimate year-long initiatives for annual budgeting meetings. Ah. How does small batch delivery work with large batch planning? Read on.


    20 Years of Remote Working

    In 1974 Arthur C Clarke predicted “Any businessman, any executive, could live almost anywhere on Earth and still do his business through a device like this”. Well, we are there now. Or rather have been for a while. So how has the concept of remote working evolved over last 20 years? How to become more effective at remote working? Have a look.


    The Test Case is Not the Test

    A recipe is not cooking. An itinerary is not a trip. A score is not a musical performance, and a file of PowerPoint slides is not a conference talk. Similarly, a test case is not the test. So what is it then? Here’s a short answer.


    State of DevOps Adoption

    DevOps has come a long way, and we see a tremendous increase in adoption in the recent years. It has become an essential element for software-powered organisations. Here’s an overview of DevOps and some of the trends we see happening this year in DevOps.