• Issue 94 - January 31, 2017


    Impact Mapping and Strategy

    An Impact Map is a form of mind-map developed, visualising the why, who, how and what of an initiative. It shows the goals, actors involved in meeting the goals, desired impact on the actors, and deliverables to make the impacts. How does this relate to strategy development? How do these two fit together? Read on.


    How to create Team Working Agreements?

    Conflicts in teams about how to work are common. There are expectations from team members on each other that aren’t being met. Disagreements about how to work are easier to address since they’re stated explicitly. How can you help teams by explicitly defining the roles and working agreements? Here are a few practical tips.


    Single Piece Flow in Scrum

    Typically, single piece flow is associated with lean. Implementing single piece flow in Kanban seems easier than Scrum. Rather this is one of the criticism of Scrum, that it lacks flow, it lacks single piece flow. Here’s how how to get it working, combining aspects from Kanban, in a Scrum environment.


    Sprint Review – Rebooted

    The most discernible activity during a sprint review is a demonstration of the functionality built during the sprint. But, a good sprint review includes more than just a demo. What should be the typical agenda of a good Sprint Review meeting? Have a look.


    Reason Why Scrum Can Fail

    Those that devised the framework possessed an agile mindset but also were mindful of human nature. Still, not all the projects that want to use Scrum are successful. Is it the mindset? Is the confusion in roles? In this article, John Yorke shares his opinion on why Agile projects might fail.


    Women in Agile

    Let’s say a female colleague ask for advice you have for the role of women in Agile? Here are some thoughts on that, shared by a woman practicing Agile. She shares her thoughts.


    What Do Leaders in Digital Have in Common?

    In just a few years digital technology has connected an ever-growing number of people, sensors, and devices. It’s created new business and social networks, resulted in new ecosystems, and transformed our economy. It has created new winners. And some have lost the game. What sets leaders apart? Have a look.