• Issue 91 - December 12, 2016


    Best of Agile Leadership pieces from 2016

    The year is coming to a close fairly soon. Here’s a pick of the articles from 2016 which focussed on Agile Leadership.

    How to Turn the Ship Around?

    How do we turn the traditional “Leader-Follower” culture found in most organisations into “Leader-Leader” behaviour? How do we begin to embed the capacity for greatness in the people and practices of an organisation? How can a leader enable this and decouple his own personality while doing so? Here are a few lessons from a US Navy Submarine Commander.


    Building High Speed Adaptive Organisations

    How does Lean help organisations manage agile transformations at scale through co-creation and validated learning? How to use Change Canvas to collaboratively design a potential Agile change? How to build a feedback-rich change plan through the use of Change Streams? And then, how to validate change through explicit expectations of participation? Find out here (video webinar)


    Things Leaders Can Do

    Leading change is very challenging. Hard. It is about navigating complexity without requiring full knowledge or expecting certainly. Faced with this situation, what can the leaders do? And what should they avoid? Dave Snowden presents a few options.


    How Teal Organisations Keep Reinventing?

    Teal organisations are the ones that are capable of “reinventing” themselves. How do Teal organisations differ from traditional organisations that struggle to reinvent? How are the decisions made? How do governance structures looks like? Going further, how do we use the concept of Teal organisations as inspiration for finding our own unique paths for growth instead of looking for a blueprint? Have a look.


    Why Humility is Critical in Agile Leadership?

    It’s rather easy to spot Agile leaders and experts who are all too anxious to point out their knowledge of all things Agile and, more specifically, how some of you out there (not them, of course) are doing things the wrong way. So much about humility and servant leadership. Easier said than done. John Dame and Jeffrey Gedmin article “Six Principles for Developing Humility as a Leader” in the Harvard Business Review discusses six principles for developing humility as a leader, and here’s how they apply in an Agile context.


    Leadership Lessons from a New Leader

    It’s tough to become a great leader. How do you ask people to do hard things? How to really get to know what your team member want?  How to foster a culture where people are not afraid of trying? How to get respect from your team members? How to make your team members feel like heroes, instead of turning yourself into a hero? Importantly, how to have difficult conversations? Here are some lessons from a new leader.


    7 Product Owner Leadership Styles

    What’s your leadership style, as the Product Owner? Do you know how to lead without authority? Do you use an affiliative style, putting people first and believe in strong relationships? Are you a democratic Product Owner and like to involve other people in your decision making? Do you use coaching techniques? Here are 7 different Product Owner leadership styles you can learn from.


    Middle Management & Bureaucracy – LeSS Vs SaFe

    Though both are scaling frameworks, SAFe and LeSS target two different local optimums.  Does SAFe really aim to reduce bureaucratic control enough to move the organisation away from the traditional optimum or does it only try to optimise the existing organisation by creating Lean-Agile programs? Doe LeSS inherently reduce the bureaucratic control? A very interesting perspective.


    When the Visionary Leaves

    What happens to a company when a visionary CEO is gone? Especially when they inherit a powerful business model this often results in gains in revenue and profits that can continue for years. What happens as soon the market, business model, technology shifts, these execution CEOs are ill-equipped to deal with the change – the result is a company obsoleted by more agile innovators and left to live off momentum in its twilight years. We can easily think of CEO as Product Owner. Here’s interesting take on this in the context of Microsoft and Apple. Lots of these lessons apply at a smaller scale products.