• Issue 9 - April 24, 2015


    How to Keep Agile Teams Healthy? The Spotify Way

    Imagine a very healthy Agile team. What does it look like? How would you identify that this team is in a great shape, and has covered a lot of ground on its improvement journey? How would you know while the team over there is at beginner level, and has a lot of work to do? A visual indicator would be very useful. Here’s a model that they use at Spotify to help them identify team health at a glance.



    Learn Systems Thinking by Making Toast

    Making toast doesn’t look like a complicated, until you draw the whole process. Does the process of making toast has something in common with systems thinking? Here’s a TED talk that help you understand the link. It illustrates how people think about simple systems, and how does it work in a team environment.



    7 Different Types of Software Engineers

    Software developers are so different. Different from each other.  How many different types of software developers have you come across? No, not in terms of what programming language or OS they master. But, in terms of personality, quirks, traits and all. How about seven different types? It goes without saying that software developers are critical to the success of your project. You need to take care of them. But how? How do you work with all these different types of software engineers?



    Essential MVP and UX

    MVP should mean a product with minimum functionality, but it doesn’t mean crappy user experience, right? How do you ensure that your product doesn’t lose out on the user experience front while you are cutting down the features and functionality to deliver a compelling mvp? Here are six tips that can help you build an mvp that doesn’t suck.


    HOW TO

    Why Documentation Should be Like Google Earth?

    How long does it take to find a place on Google Earth. Not long. What can you learn from Google Earth that can help you structure your documentation in the similar fashion? How to document in a Lean way, while making sure you capture exactly what’s needed, no more and no less? Here are some good rules that can help you find the answers.


    How To Know Which Feedback to Ignore?

    Not all feedback is actionable and valuable. Trying to act on all feedback is not only draining, but it may lead to waste. So what kind of feedback should you ignore? And what sort of feedback should be actionable? Read it here.


    Cheatsheet to Become a Better Developer

    You work with developers who are better than you, right? If the answer is no, it’s probably time to find a new job at such a place. Meanwhile, you can use this very short cheatsheet to become a very product developer.



    What Does Self Organisation Actually Mean?

    Self organisation is one of the most commonly used phrases in the Agile world. What does it actually mean, beyond the simple dictionary definition? What conditions are required to enable it? Though it sounds counter-intuitive, what sort of structures do you need to put in place to enable self organisation? Here are some thoughts rooted in systems thinking.