• Issue 85 - October 31, 2016


    How to Make Your Strategy More Agile?

    Strategy has long been the domain of careful deliberation based on a maximum amount of information – designed as a thoughtful multi stakeholder process. But that model may no longer fit our volatile, uncertain, complex, ambiguous times. As strategy is becoming more fluid — more like software that needs constant upgrading. Here’s how you can leverage Agile to make your strategy, well, Agile.


    How to Improve Productivity?

    What’s productivity? Is it releasing more code? Doesn’t look like so. The more code you produce, the worse. What you should produce is features. That would be programmer productivity but not necessarily the best thing to do, it is the production of the right features that matters. Given that we are handed the right features, how can we measure productivity? Here’s a technique you can try.


    What’s Your Leader Persona?

    You hear a lot in Agile circles these days about the declining need for managers. We may not need the managers of yesterday, but make no mistake; we certainly need the leaders of tomorrow. But what sort? How about looking at some great leadership role models outside the business community that we can look to for inspiration. Here are a few.


    Pirates of the Caribbean Retrospective

    How about running  a Retrospective about how people on your team are feeling? About their emotions. In a visual way. The outcome of the exercise is particularly interesting in that each team member identifies with an image (in some cases the same image or expression) for various reasons and spawned a lot of good discussion and laughter. Read on.


    Meet the People Behind Great Products

    There are product managers that don’t make any decisions and escalate everything to their manager, there are product managers who call a meeting every time a decision needs to be made, and then there is a third way, which is essentially a product manager doing their job. Here’s a look at what makes a great product manager by looking at the people behind some great products.


    The Drama of the Daily Scrum

    There are many things that go wrong during the most talked about 15-minute event, the daily Scrum. How do you work with people working from home? Dial in? How about when there’s clear lack of transparency? Here are a few  most common problems during a Daily Scrum and how to potentially address them.


    Case Studies in Agile Marketing

    Are there any case studies of companies adopting Agile Marketing? Quite a few. Here are a few companies that are practicing Agile Marketing. Companies like Coca-Cola,  Microsoft, PepsiCo, Adobe. Expedia and others. Have a look.