• Issue 84 - October 24, 2016


    How Do You Find More Time?

    Is this the right question to begin with? Time is the most abundant, free, and fairly distributed resource in the world. What matters is what will you do with all this time? Surprisingly many people have been burned out (or near-burned out), including me. And it’s never worth it. How do you become more focussed? Here’s a very practical presentation from an experienced Agilist.


    How to Resolve Sticky Impediments?

    Your technical debt is not squashed and only grows. The team members aren’t cross-functional, causing flow problems that result in user stories not being done by the end of the sprint. Team members and/or the product owner are not fully engaged and are not having fun or haven’t learned to collaborate. Your  team members feel that they do not have any say in the architecture or what is being built. The list goes on. How do you resolve such impediments? Here’s an experiment that helped a team resolve this.


    How to Make Effective Decisions as POs?

    How do Product Owners adequately weigh up all the variables to select the best solution from the available options?  And how do they make sure that any investment will adequately consider future movements of both the market and the competition? How can a product manager make effective decisions about the direction of their product? Read on.


    Leadership Guide for Geeks

    Most organisations fail to support developer promoted into technical leadership roles so where do you go to uncover the secret skills behind this important role. The most challenging aspects to software development are always the people issues. Here are a few challenging aspects to software development are always the people issues.


    5 Practices for an Agile Mindset

    Agile is both a set of practices and a mindset. Success lies in understanding both “Doing Agile” as well as “Being Agile”. In this hands-on session, 5 key practices to support an Agile Mindset will be demonstrated so that you have some practical tools use immediately at work. You will also be left with some deeper challenges about what it takes achieve Organisational Agility. Here are 5 practices to sharpen your Agile mindset.


    Most Asked Questions About Retrospectives?

    How to facilitate Retrospectives for distributed teams?  What if you run Kanban team, do you need to run Retrospectives? Nobody cares about Retrospectives, what should I do? Here are some most commonly asked questions about Retrospectives and their answers.


    5 Tips to Become More Mindful?

    We are prone to overcommitting and taking on too much work. With so many responsibilities, it seems logical to work as hard and fast as possible. But rushing from one task to the next and from one meeting to another is likely to reduce your productivity. How to become more mindful? Here are a few tips.