• Issue 8 - April 17, 2015


    How to Manage Someone Smarter Than You?

    They say you should hire people who are smarter than you. Ok, let’s say you were able to do that. Now what. How do you manage a person who’s smarter than you? Not easy, right? It can get out of hand really quickly. Here are eight tips to help you manage people who are smarter than you.



    How to Scale Product Owner Teams?

    Scaling the agile delivery teams gets a lot of attention. But how about the Product Owners?  How do multiple Product Owners work in a large organisation going through the agile transformation? A few ways to go about it, ranging from a single Product Owner, to teams of Product Owners working together. Wouldn’t it be good if teams of Product Owners can work with agile delivery teams while ensuring the the portfolio of products are managed well. And all this remains in harmony. Here’s how.



    8 Techniques Geniuses Use For Problem Solving

    How did geniuses like Albert Einstein, Leonardo Da Vinci and Nicola Tesla go about solving problems? How to unleash the power of imagination and creative thinking to solve tough problems. Michael Michalko has shed some light on this in his book, Creative Tinkering. Here are eight creative problem solving techniques that you can use.



    Essential Steps towards Continuous Delivery

    Continuous delivery seems to be all the rage. The story goes like – any agile organisation worth its salt should have continuous delivery in place. Never mind what’s the current status of your build, automation and delivery process. It’d be better if  you go ahead in incremental steps. Go incremental, not mental. Focus on the pain, and resolve that first. Here’s a good primer on how to work your way towards continuous delivery.


    Scrum Master Job Description That Doesn’t Suck

    Ok, let’s admit it. Writing job descriptions is not the most exciting of the tasks. You never have enough time to write a good one anyway. That’s why most job descriptions suck, and they look pretty much the same. And again, they suck. Here’s how to write a scrum master job description that doesn’t suck.


    How to Become more Productive?

    Wouldn’t it be great if we can take the stress out of work, and become more productive, without putting in more hours? Getting things done is a very effective approach that can help us achieve these goals. A few good rules of thumbs that can help us in becoming more productive. Here’s a cheat-sheet.



    Which Tests to Automate?

    Test automation, when done right, delivers very high return on investment. Should you just go ahead and automate all the tests then? Or it’d better to pick and chose? Which sort of tests are a good target for automation? Read on.



    Can You be Truly Agile Without TDD?

    Test driven development attracts lots of opinions. Some swear by it, but it has it critics as well. It’s definitely one of the most debated topics. So, can you really do Agile if you don’t follow TDD? Here are a few interesting perspectives.



    What is Empathy Driven Development?

    We have a new entrant in the xdd acronym space (tdd, bdd, …). Empathy driven development, edd. On a serious note – do you know who your customers are, and what do they perceive as valuable? Do all of your teams know this as well? Probably not. Here’s how edd can help.