• Issue 79 - September 15, 2016


    Watch Out for Dark Scrum

    Too often, Scrum does not deliver as rapidly, as reliably, as steadily as it should (as expectations are too high to start with). As a result, everyone suffers. Most often, the team members suffer more than anyone. What are some typical abuses of Scrum? And what can team members do to make their lives better? How do you survive “dark Scrum”?


    8 Stances of the Scrum Master

    The role of a Scrum Master is one of many stances and diversity. A great Scrum Master is aware of them and knows when and how to apply them, depending on situation and context. Here are eight different ‘roles’ a good Scrum Master adopts as the situation demands.


    Hands On Prototyping for Product Owners

    Lengthy, 50-page requirements or long Product Backlogs are not reliable ways of conveying all the subtleties of a digital product. Readers quickly get bored and even worse, misinterpret what is written. Prototypes expand each user story into a tangible part of a system. If user stories express task-level goals, then prototypes can help us see the horizontal feature set (breadth) and vertical feature set (depth) required to fulfil each story. Here’s a practical guide to quick hands-on prototyping technique.


    Coaching Do’s and Don’ts

    Coaching is a critical platform for successful organisational change and learning initiatives. Organisations in the midst of today’s changes need coaching to effectively communicate and facilitate where the organisation is and where it is headed. Here are some good practices and some pitfalls to avoid while you’re helping people develop.


    A Simple Brainstorming Technique

    Would you like to use a simple and effective group brainstorming technique? It originated with Basadur at Procter & Gamble in the 1970s and is used by IDEO, Facebook, Google, and fans of Design Thinking. You can work withy your team to igenerate lots of solutions to a challenge. Here it is.


    What If You Could Learn Design from Apple?

    Steve Jobs recruited the Dean of Yale’s Business School to run Apple University, while  Jeff Weiner recruited business coach and thought leader Fred Kofman to lead leadership development for LinkedIn. The potential for turning corporate competencies into customer relationships is vast. Imagine learning product design from Apple. Salesmanship from Salesforce. Digital marketing from Adobe. Here are a few ideas on how.


    What Do Developers Do 80% of the Time?

    Writing code is an excellent exercise to strain your brain cells. Programming has become so versatile that engineers from different trades need to code on a daily basis. But, Most engineers’ time goes into rewriting or eliminating the code they have written in the first instance Why does this happen? And what can you do to avoid this?