• Issue 78 - September 8, 2016


    How Metrics Are Gamed?

    As Nassim Taleb points out, the best measures still won’t measure your biggest risks. Risk registers are popular, but since their construction isn’t scientific, they suffer from cognitive biases. Agile metrics, like other measures are prone to gaming. Every single one of those. Here are most popular Agile measures and how these get gamed.


    How to Peer Recruit a New Scrum Master?

    In the near future, mostly creative, technology-based organisations will need to abandon the command and control structures that served the industrial world of the 20th century so well. In such an agile world, recruiting will become a team decision. So how would the role of HR evolve? Instead of only the management making the hiring decisions, how can teams hire a new Scrum Master effectively?


    So, What’s a Product?

    An organisation cannot identify appropriate product owners, teams and roles without first knowing what its products are. And if there is to be one product backlog per product, we need to know what our products are before creating a product backlog for each. So what’s a product? Is there any difference between concept of a software product and a non-software based product? 


    How to Work With Introverts?

    Typically, an introvert is a person who gets energy from spending time alone. An extrovert is a person who gets energy from spending time with other people. Introverts can act out extrovert behaviour yet it costs them a lot of energy. How do you work effectively with introverts on your team? Here are a few tips.


    How to Build a Mass Market Product Like Trello?

    What it’s like to start and scale a mass-market product like Trello? How to prioritise features for a product with such a wide array of use cases and the importance of pricing for value? How to introduce new, abstract features into a horizontal software product comes with heavy costs, because you’ll have to teach users about the concept? And much more.


    Optimal Batch Size for Documentation

    Do we need a model to determine when to update documents if the general advice is to update and create development documentation as a part of each sprint’s definition of done? To determine how many documentation changes we should batch and perform together, teams can create a U-curve optimisation model. Here’s how.


    What Sprint Review is Not?

    Some people believe in the myth that you can not release software continuously while doing Scrum. In some version of ‘Modern Agile’ some people think Scrum as old fashioned because of its lack of support for continuously delivering software. This implies that the “modern approaches” remove the idea of a Sprint and move to a continuous flow model. Is that the case? How does the Sprint Review fit into the picture.