• Issue 72 - July 28, 2016


    Agile Adoption Canvas

    You’ve been asked to help an organsiation in their Agile adoption. How do you create an Agile adoption ‘plan’? Where do you start from? How do you measure progress along the way? What do you measure? Do you even know the objective of the adoption? Here’s a simple Agile adoption canvas to help you formulate a high level plan and measure the progress along the way.


    Minimum Viable Problem

    Your minimum viable product may only solve half of a problem. Solving half of a problem is creating half of a product. Building a minimum viable product, MVP, isn’t that difficult. Defining an is very difficult. What makes an MVP? What do you build and what do you leave out? And how do you know what to build? How do you define the problem that your MVP is going to solve? That’s a very good question to ask. Here’s a possible answer to that question.


    10 Very Useful Kanban Boards

    Here are a few examples of Kanban boards you can leverage in various scenarios, i.e. full value chain from idea to market, a team with completion prediction, a team with multiple clients, progress by architecture, corporate legal department, portfolio roadmap and a few others. Have a look


    Skilled Agilist or an Agile Coach?

    A successful coach needs a great deal of self-awareness and self-mastery. Development as a coach includes challenges of maturation, not just skill acquisition. What are  values and qualities that a coach needs that are important for them to succeed in their Agile journey? Here’s a good start.


    Simple Way to Start Pair Programming

    Two developers doing the job of one. That’s what many managers consider as pair programming. For most developers, their first experiences of pair programming involve sitting next to another developer watching them code and pointing out their spelling mistakes while slowly falling asleep. Pair programming isn’t necessarily about pairing two developers. But it’s a very common scenario. How do you get started? Here’s a simple way.


    How to Write Clean Code?

    Architects design beautiful and functional buildings. Job of a software developer is pretty much the same. Write clean and elegant code. Code forms the foundation of the final product. And, when the code is well written, everything flows that much better. How do you write clean code then? Here’s a primer.


    Learning Mindset

    Many people worry about the future. And in one big way, their anxiety is justified. Many of their job options probably won’t exist in not too distant future. It has happened with factory jobs. So people worry. They’re gripped with anxiety. How to deal with it. What to do?