• Issue 69 - July 7, 2016


    How to Use Cost of Delay to Create a Plan

    What’s the right question to ask. Is it, “when can the development teams deliver the product?”. Or is it, “when does the business really need it?”. And business needs mean when can we start generating real value with the product. Business needs should drive schedules, engineers need to create solutions which fit within business schedules. Here’s a model take takes into account the cost of delay to help us plan better.


    Things Leader Can Do

    Leading change is very challenging. Hard. It is about navigating complexity without requiring full knowledge or expecting certainly. Faced with this situation, what can the leaders do? And what should they avoid? Dave Snowden presents a few options.


    Agile Will Fail Your Team First. That’s Ok.

    How to disrupt using Agile? How to compete with Google? When you start following Agile, your team may fail first. But you shouldn’t worry. This may set you up on the journey to compete effectively. Startups and products built with this mentality make themselves competitive by using their limited resources in smarter ways than their competitors. Here’s how to disrupt using Agile.


    20 Questions Scrum Masters Should Ask Their Teams

    You’re about to start as a new Scrum Master with a team. You’re asked to attend a Product Backlog refinement session with that team. You want to explore and learn about the team, so you can help them in the best possible way. What questions should you ask? Here’s a list of 20 questions that can help you learn about a team.


    Two Learning Models for Coaches

    We know that incremental and iterative models are better in terms of helping us discover issues in a complex domain. These are better than over phased i.e. waterfall/control gate models. Here are two learning models that can help coaches learn effectively.


    Are Your Team Members Resourceful Thinkers?

    Agile mainly is a set of  frameworks, there are no guidelines provided as to how the development should be undertaken. There are lots of unknowns. Lots of unique problems that you’d need to solve on your own given your context. You’d need to have resourceful thinkers on your team to solve such problems. What do resourceful thinkers look like? Here’s a brief set characteristics.


    What’s new in the Updated Scrum Guide?

    Ken Schwaber and Jeff Sutherland have published their latest update to the Scrum Guide.  The update was a simple one, adding the 5 values of Scrum to the Guide. Here’s what’s new in the update.