• Issue 60 - May 5, 2016


    Minimum Viable Bureaucracy

    How would management structure and layers of bureaucracy look like in a 2000 person Agile company? A company that operates in 58 countries. At  a company where the founder says – “we aim to make mistakes faster than anyone else”. The Spotify ‘model’ was presented in 2012 and has earned a lot of interest from the agile community. How has agile evolved at Spotify during its rapid growth? How have they created a Minimum Viable Bureaucracy?


    Don’t Overlook these 5 Practices for Distributed Teams

    Like bad first impressions, onboarding done poorly can leave lasting damage that takes a long time to repair. Have you thought about how do you onboard new remote team members? What’s more important, perfection or ownership, and how do you communicate this? Do you know how critical the tone of communication is when you communicate remotely, either via email, audio or video? Here are five practical lesson learnt during working with remote distributed teams.


    What Does an Agile Coach Deliver?

    I was talking to a director level person at a very large organisation during one of my engagements as an Agile Coach. I introduced myself as an Agile Coach, and mentioned that I’ve been with their organisation for 3 weeks. He got straight to the point – “so what have you delivered?” Right. So what does an Agile coach deliver? Here’s a perspective on the value that an Agile coach provides.


    Why Cross Functional Teams are Gravy?

    You’re helping in turning a traditional team into a Agile team. You get a few people that have very specific roles. BA’s, Developers, QA automation, QA testers, UX engineers etc. What do you do? How do you get to a cross functional team? Do you plan to train everyone to become cross functional? Would some people remain specialists? How do you know which ones should remain specialists? Here’s an interning take on this.


    Team Coaching as a Core Competency

    The practice of team coaching has matured over recent years and today is considered both a competency and a profession. Team coaching adopts many of the principles of executive coaching but the fact that you’re working with a team, not an individual, makes a huge difference. Here’s why it’s an essential skill set needed within an organisation.


    Complex and Easy to Use Products

    Complex products doesn’t mean a product that’s difficult to use. Think Google search. Or iPhone. Here’s a fun take on difference between Google products, Apple products and your run of the mill product (fun)



    How to Prepare for a TDD Interview?

    A friend calls you and asks, “I have a pair programming interview coming up with a firm with a strong focus on TDD. Any tips on how I should approach this? What are some key things you tend to look out for in these kinds of interview?” What do you advise? What to do, and what not to do? Have a look.



    Most Critical Skills for Testing

    You have tested your application using a context driven approach and exploratory testing techniques, heuristics and oracle. Are you done? Can you stop testing? Usually, time is up, a deadline is approaching. Is that a good reason to stop testing? What does a really good tester need? Read on.