• Issue 58 - April 21, 2016


    What is an Empathy Map?

    An empathy map is a collaborative tool teams can use to gain a deeper insight into their customers. Much like a user persona, an empathy map can represent a group of users, such as a customer segment. When should you use an empathy map? What if your team is distributed? Have a look.


    What Does State of the Agile Survey Tell Us?

    What’s the adoption rate of Agile in large organisations? How do scaling frameworks compare? What are the global trends in Agile across continents? What’s the likelihood that you’d succeed with Agile? All these answered by the 10th state of Agile survey.


    How the Guardian Teams Develop Digital Products?

    How do the teams at the Guardian think about flow and digital touchpoints? How do they get to know their audience at a deeper level? How do they create and refine their vision? How do they make their decisions, and ensure that those decisions are taking them in the right direction? All valid questions for any modern digital product. Here are the answers.


    Is Agile a Subset of Lean Manufacturing?

    Toyota Production System and Lean  concepts predate Agile. You wonder how they relate, and perhaps why Lean manufacturing wasn’t directly applied to software early on? Is Agile just a subset of Lean.People have their own perspectives on this. Here’s one perspective.


    Tactics for Productive Distributed Teams

    Teams, much like monolithic applications, succeed due to the proximity of useful knowledge. Distributed Agile teams must rely on different strategies and tactics in order to be effective while still adhering to the core principles. Here’s an experience report from working for the past two years on a variety of distributed, synchronous and asynchronous Agile software delivery teams (video).


    Lessons From Pairing on a Workshop

    How do you prepare for a workshop as a distributed team, separated by 7 time zones. And do a quality job. How do you plan and keep track? What sort of surprises may come your way? Here’s an experience report of working together to prepare for a workshop on testing as a distributed team by Lisa Crispin.



    Exploratory Testing Skills Development

    Anyone can test. Rather, anyone can test badly. How do we test well? Is testing your product completely even possible? Once you realise that complete testing is impossible, you come to the selection problem – how do I find the most powerful test ideas, that will give me the most coverage, in the least time? How to develop a training plan for yourself and you team? Have a look.