• Issue 57 - April 14, 2016


    5 Practical Tips for Portfolio Management

    You’re working with someone to help them plan and manage their portfolio in an Agile way. They turn back and tell you, “I have to deliver a roadmap for my portfolio for the entire next fiscal year by this month’s end”. Frustrating. One of the things you can do to diagnose the root cause of this frustrations is to apply the “5 Simple Rules”, to reduce the complexity of Portfolio Management. Here’s how.


    When Agile Turns Into Micro Management

    Management-driven organisations, that fail to recognise the ill effects of Taylorism and traditional management techniques make themselves obsolete over time. They fail to compete with these leadership-driven organisations. Agile enables self organisation. But at times Agile gets associated with micromanagement. Here’s what to look out for.


    10 Tips to Focus on Delivery

    Overcommitment, unfortunately, seems to be a reality in a lot of organisations today. Whether it’s due to external or internal pressure or planning and capacity issues. It leads to low productivity. Traffic slows down much faster when the road network touches 80-90% utilisation. Here are 10 tips to help you improve the focus on delivery.


    The Most Extreme XP Practice

    If you have grown up writing code, or solving problems, on your own it is uncomfortable sitting in close proximity to someone else and intellectually exposing yourself. Whether you’re good, or not, pair-programming doesn’t leave you anywhere to hide. Here are couple of case studies that show the effectiveness of pair programming comparing teams which adopt the practice and the ones which resist.


    Summarising the Sprint

    Let’s say someone has asked you, the Scrum Master, for the summary of the sprint. What do you provide them? A list of completed items? Would you consider who’s asking for it, and change the summary slightly? What would you include in the summary? Here’s an example of a sprint summary, that wouldn’t take more than 15 mins to prepare.



    Are Continuous Delivery and DevOps the Same?

    Continuous delivery and DevOps do share some common traits. Both are aimed at Agile and Lean thinking: each delivers small and quick changes; each relies on tight business an IT collaboration; and each share the common goal of faster time to market for new services. Are these the same things, or two related children? Have a look.



    How TDD Makes Your Team Happy

    What makes working on a software project a pain? Top of the list is change. When you change code, bad things happen. Very stressful. An untested codebase is like a game of Jenga; changes become harder and harder to make as time goes on, which results in the entire codebase turning into an unstable mess that requires extra special care and attention. Longer releases, higher costs and lots of pressure follows. Here are 5 reasons how following TDD reduces stress and makes your team happy.