• Issue 56 - April 7, 2016


    How Teal Organisations Keep Reinventing?

    Teal organisations are the ones that are capable of “reinventing” themselves. How do Teal organisations differ from traditional organisations that struggle to reinvent? How are the decisions made? How do governance structures looks like? Going further, how do we use the concept of Teal organisations as inspiration for finding our own unique paths for growth instead of looking for a blueprint? Have a look.


    User Story Map for a Fugitive

    Let’s assume we’re building a game – “You are a fugitive driver, being chased, avoiding traffic and using your driving skills to escape Chicago”. How would be create a user story map for this game? User story mapping is a technique for creating a 2 dimensional map of user stories usually arranged by priority or a narrative of user activity. The vertical axis often groups stories by sprints or releases (time). Here’s an example of a user story map for our fugitive game.


    Improving Meetings with Core Protocols

    A good meeting is very much about achieving deep collaboration. How do we enable deep collaboration? It’s tough. How about using Core Protocols? A number of years ago Michele and Jim McCarthy summarised their experiences of working with successful teams in what they call the Core Protocols. What does a good meeting look like? How to make decisions by consensus and consent? Read on.


    9 Tactics to Remove Impediments

    One of the Scrum Master services to the Team is removing impediments, so that the Team can keep progressing. But what sort of impediments should be removed by the Scrum Master? All or only a select few? For that we need to understand the types of impediments. Here are some thoughts on that followed up by 9 tactics on how to remove impediments.


    5 Samurai Lessons for Product Ownership

    One of the more interesting traits one develops in martial arts is the ability to see roughly 180 degrees, without losing sight on the direct opponent. How does that apply to Product Ownership? Samurai armour is pretty strong but most of all designed to give the wearer mobility while still be able to absorb blows. How good is your armour? Here are 5 leaderships lessons from the Samurai for Product Managers.


    How Agile Makes It Visible?

    Leader charts the course with a clear vision for what the customer needs, along with what the teams can deliver, that is key to business success. 87% of the 10th annual State of Agile survey respondents said that the “ability to manage changing priorities” remains as the top improvement result of implementing Agile practices. The ability to change helps foster “increased team productivity” as a result of “improved project visibility”. Here’s how.


    How to be Your Future Self?

    At times, we feel  stuck and frustrated. We aren’t where we want to be at this point in our career. We keep the focus on what’s present for us at any particular moment. On the other hand, what most of us want most is to move forward. How do we focus on our “future” self?