• Issue 52 - March 10, 2016


    How to Deal with These 5 Types of Personalities?

    Do you have team members who continuously miss team meetings? Do you have a team member who just goes on to do their own thing, like a western movie cowboy – regardless of what the team agreed? Do you have a geek who’s really good at certain things, like coding or testing, but not so good at people skills? Do you have someone who’s ever the skeptic? Or someone who just loves their data, or code or some metrics, and can’t care less about anything else? How do you deal with them? Here are a few tips. This article talks about developer personalities, but these are applicable to all skillets.


    Daily Stand up Meeting Patterns

    Daily stand ups, or daily Scrums are commonplace. Mostly people just follow a fixed pattern. Subtle details are what distinguish effective stand-ups or a mere spending of 15 minutes everyday. So what does good look like? How to keep the energy level up? How to keep improving your daily meetings?


    Putting People Before Software

    Should you focus more on the team members that need help, or on high performers first? Mid-level employees often feel the highest level of stagnation due to the typical long process of promotion into senior positions. How to offer them diversity of experience and keep them motivated? How to motivate most senior team members? How to embed innovation as a cultural habit? How to help team members develop more soft skills?



    Role of UX in Product Ownership

    It’s tough to succeed with a product which is not user friendly. How do you leverage UX in different phases of your product lifecycle, i.e. in the early days of market and customer discovery, then when you expand and when you go all out to exploit market opportunities. How do you set product and UX based hypotheses, in an Agile setup? Here are a few tips (video)


    10 Qualities of Top Product Owners

    Do the Product Owners need to be collaborative or decisive? Or both? Do they need to be strategic or tactical? Do they need to be enthusiastic or critical? Do they need to be user focussed or business savvy? Should they go with their instincts or follow data trends? Here are 10 qualities of a top Product Owners.



    Why Lean is Not a Hunt for Waste?

    We need to eliminate waste. Often times this is the focus. What if we eliminate waste, and still deliver stuff that doesn’t add value. At times, we forget the first and most important part of lean; what is value to the customer? Lean is Customer First, what is value in the eyes of the customer? Here’s how Lean can help us deliver add value and eliminate waste in the process.



    11 Advantages of a Having Sprint Goals

    Do you have Sprint goals? It is an objective set for the Sprint that can be met through the delivery of items selected for the Sprint. But what’s the use of having one? What are some good examples? How do you go about creating a goal? Should it be one goal or several gaols? Here are 11 advantages of having a Sprint goal.