• Issue 17 - June 19, 2015


    What’s Next for Agile?

    We’ve been practicing, or at least talking about Agile for over two decades now. We may still be in the early adopter phase in terms of mindset – at least this is the case in the business world at large. How did we get here, and where do we go from here? An interesting overview.


    Does Agile Need Coaching?

    Do you need a coach to get coached? What’s more important, having a coach, or being coached? How do you know whether you or your team needs a coach? Do you need a full time coach, or a part time would do? Here are some thoughts.



    Is Responsive Manifesto a Big Deal?

    Organisations strive for making everything predictable. But we operate in an increasingly unpredictable world. What a contradiction. This makes our working life tough to say the least. How to find some balance between profit and purpose – between planning and experimentation? Do we need something fundamentally new, which can help us live with some level of uncertainty? Something adaptive and responsive. Here are some thoughts.



    How to Scale Scrum?

    We have different models of scaling Agile and Scrum, SAFe, LeSS and a few others. Some talk about Agile, others about Scrum and Agile. Ken Schwaber introduces a model to scale Scrum, called Scaled Scrum.



    Do You Really Understand Mobile User Experience?

    What provides a better user experience, a mobile site, or a responsive one? Which one do users like more, and why? What are the effects of responsive design on mobile usability? How do you balance content and features on mobile? What are some common mistakes, and what are the consequences for the desktop users? Here are some great insights from state of mobile user experience report from Nielsen group.



    How to Use Bots in Continuous Integration

    How do you manage code dependencies in a multi repository environment? Especially if the shared libraries and other parts of the code you are dependant on keep changing at a decent pace. Do you just update the library to its latest release, or cherry-pick the feature/bug fix you want into your copy of the library or find some way to make do without the feature or bug fix. None of these options are great as such. Here’s how you can resolve these.



    How to Succeed with TDD?

    Two questions. Why are you doing TDD? And how do you know if you are doing it right? TDD doesn’t solve all problems you may think it does. It’s not a silver bullet. It may not even lead to better design. TDD certainly helps a lot when done right. What does TDD done right mean then? Here are a few tips to help you do TDD in a better way.



    Do Developers Understand Testing?

    Do you understand the difference between verification and validation? What are different types of dynamic and static testing? Do you understand smoke testing, integration testing, load testing, regression testing and soak testing? Worry not, here’s a good primer.