• Issue 15 - June 5, 2015


    How to Eliminate Dependencies, and Reduce Waste?

    SAFe (Scaled Agile Framework) suggests using an all hands-on meeting to plan a release train which consists of several sprints. A usual side effect of following this or similar techniques is that the teams will end up with several dependencies on other teams. It gets messy.  Delivery takes longer than it should. It’s bound to happen when program level people allocate work to teams. So how to deal with dependencies? Simple. Eliminate as many as possible. Here’s how.



    What’s the Role of a Coach?

    In so many words, the role of a coach is to help a person get where she want to go. But how do you do that? How do you link emotions to behaviours, and help the person translate behaviours to actions that get results? Here’s a good primer.



    How to Evolve Your Organisation Using Systems Thinking?

    As your organisation evolve, what sort of behaviours, structures, processes and capabilities do you need to focus on? Modern organisations are complex by nature. Evolving Agile organisations is a very complex endeavour. You can’t rely on having a fixed plan and then just executing it to the letter. How do you deal with uncertainty? Some very useful ideas especially on slide 24 and 28.



    Have You Used Dialogue Sheets in Your Retrospectives?

    You should. Dialogue sheets enhance the quality of conversation and are a powerful tool in any discussion setting. They were invented at Royal Institute of Technology, KTH, Stockholm. Here’s a step by step guide that helps you understand how to use dialogue sheets in Retrospectives.



    Does Agile Make Team Members Spend More Time Talking?

    Team members on Agile teams talk to each other a lot. Pair programming, planning, review, daily meetings, retrospective, product backlog related discussion and user story related discussions are just a few of these interaction. Of course, people still need to do their work. Does Agile make team members spend more time talking and less time actually doing the work?


    How to Estimate Bugs? Story Point or What?

    Story points are a very effective and efficient way of estimating the user stories and other requirements on the product backlog. But how do you estimate bugs? Do you use story points? How should you reflect these on your burndown, and how do you calculate velocity? Here are some ideas.


    4 Essential Characteristics of a Team

    We all know agile teams are small, self organising and cross functional. But a fundamental question is, what is a team? What are some good characteristics of a team? Here are 4 characteristics of any good team, whether agile or not.



    What’s the Future of Software Testing?

    With all the focus on test automation, BDD and other recent changes, is software testing as a profession dying a slow death? Or is it even more important as systems grow in complexity? What’s the effect of mobile on testing? Has Agile changed the profession the most in recent memory – for better or worse? All of these answered here.