• Issue 14 - May 29, 2015


    Avoid These 12 Agile Transformation Failures

    Once you’ve been involved in a few Agile transformations, you tend to see a pattern. You are able to recognise the patterns of failures, like the failure to transform leadership behaviour. But how do you influence and transform leadership behaviour? How about change in organisation infrastructure? Here are 10 other failure patterns and some thoughts on how you can avoid these.



    How Candy Crush Soda Saga was Developed? Real Story.

    What if you start with a framework that hasn’t been tested, and you use two programming languages simultaneously. You have a hard deadline to hit, and you haven’t even done a game prototype yet. Doesn’t sound like a good start. But that’s how the team at Crisp started with the development of Candy Crush Soda Saga, in reality. Here’s the whole story.



    How Do You Know They are Doing it Right?

    Your Product Owner wants to know how does she know that the team is doing it right. Your stakeholders want to know the same thing. Generally, everyone in management want to know the same thing. So how do you know, for sure, that the team is doing it right?



    Why Your Daily Meeting is Killing Your Team

    Daily Scrums are a great tool to help teams inspect and adapt, if used properly. You should look beyond, ‘what did I do yesterday’ to leverage the true potential of the daily Scrum. Wouldn’t it be better to focus on achievement? Some achievements are better than others. But how do you know? Here are a few practical tips to help you turbo charge your daily Scrum.


    Your Retrospective Doesn’t Need to be Boring

    Retrospective tend to become mundane and monotonous after a while, if you are not careful enough. How can your revive your Retrospective, and make them engaging and result oriented? Have you tried the fly high technique? Or how about a space launch? Here are some ideas.



    5 Step Process to Design Killer Future Products

    When we think about product design, we instinctively think about user interface. Do you remember any product design that didn’t start with UI? Should it be the case though? How should we design for the future? Here’s a 5 step process.



    What is the Alternative to Performance Appraisals?

    Good question. How to foster an environment where workers can work with freedom? What is the source of innovation? All these questions are answered by none other than Edward Deming in this interview, and you’ll have Jack Welch’s thought on him as well. All here, don’t miss.



    You Are Using Jenkins the Wrong Way

    Just Because you use Jenkins doesn’t mean you are practicing continuous integration well. So the question is, what is continuous integration in the first place? Here are 10 good reasons why CI is so useful and how Jenkins fit into this.



    How to Get Manual Testers Work with Automated Testing?

    Some testers lack test automation skills, which isn’t a bad thing necessarily. You can still have the manual testers work with test automation. Here are 7 tips how you can get it working.