• Issue 12 - May 15, 2015


    What’s Wrong With Scrum?

    Scrum is one of the most commonly used Agile framework. It’s the one that sparks most debates. There’s no shortage of Scrum critics – the debate rages on. Is there anything fundamentally broken in Scrum? If the answer is yes, then what is it? More importantly, how to fix what’s wrong with Scrum?



    12 Techniques to Be an Effective Agile Evangelist

    People who are great at sales don’t seem to be selling at all. They sell stuff, without actually look like selling at all. Wouldn’t it be great if, we, Agile evangelists and coaches can become as good as that? So that we are able to influence and persuade – without looking like we are making an effort. Here are 12 tips to help you do this exactly.



    Making Product Roadmap and Product Backlog Work – Simultaneously

    What’s the difference between the product roadmap and the product backlog? Product roadmap is strategic, while product backlog maybe more tactical. There’s more to it than the definition though. Should your product roadmap drive your product backlog? It’s top down, and feels natural. But many times your product backlog may influence your roadmap. Right? Here’s how you can use both of these effectively.



    What Marketers Can Learn From Agile Manifesto?

    Now and then you hear the phrase agile marketing. What does it actually mean? How do we apply “working campaigns over comprehensive reporting” in marketing? How does marketing deal with trial engagement vs RFPs in the context of “customer collaboration over contract negotiation”? Here are some interesting thoughts.


    Your Agile Transformation Metaphors Are Broken

    You know the drill. We should create an organisation wide transformation backlog. We should train people – across the spectrum. We should have multiple tracks of activities to ensure we engage with all relevant stakeholders. And we should aim to create a culture of self-organisation. And then we should be all set. Sounds like a good start. Maybe. Here’s why some of these metaphors may not help us at all, and what to watch out for.



    From Pair Programming to Mob Programming

    Pair programming divides opinions. Some swear by it, others can’t stand it. Many people in the latter camp tend to have not really tried it. Pair programming comes from classical XP. Modern XP takes it to the next level. Enters mob programming. Well – it’s less chaotic than it sounds. Here’s a primer.


    Microservices Design – One Business Capability at a Time

    Microservices are essentially autonomous services that take full responsibility for one business capability. These promise to solve a lot of issues with the existing design principles. It has some challenges though. Like, how to couple the services while keeping the services as autonomous as possible? Here are four options to tackle this.



    What’s an Agile Mindset?

    You can’t sleep-walk to agility by just following a manual. Being Agile requires a certain mindset. But what does an Agile mindset mean? If we know what it means, we can strive to develop and nurture that mindset. Here are 5 characteristics of an Agile mindset.



    How to Make HR Practices Lean?

    How do we create bonus and employee reward policies in Agile? A very common question indeed. How do job titles, roles and career advancement work in Agile? How do we make teams more autonomous in investing their training budgets? In essence, how to make HR practices Lean? Here are some ideas.



    4 Critical Testing Principles You Can’t Ignore

    How to become a good systems thinker? 95% of the time, 95% of test engineers will write non-optimal GUI automation. It’s that difficult. How to cure flaky tests? How to reduce the time it takes to diagnose an issue? And how to improve your skills in exploratory debugging? Here’s how.