• Issue 10 - May 1, 2015


    How Being Vulnerable Makes You a Better Leader?

    We are all leaders in some capacity. And we all want to become better. We face change and uncertainty on daily basis, which makes us all vulnerable. Here’s how we can leverage vulnerability to turn ourselves into better leaders.



    Why Agile Projects Fail?

    Agile, Scrum or any other framework doesn’t guarantee success, right? All these can do is to help us to deliver the maximum possible value and reduce risk. But Agile projects do fail. Why is that? Here are 8 reasons of failure.


    Burn Your Burndowns. Try a Smiley

    Somebody said it right, Scrum is not about standing up and burning down. Burndown charts are a very useful tool that help you keep track of remaining work. But must you use one? What if you replace your burndown chart with a smiley, and get similar amount of information. That’d be cool, right? Here’s how you can do it.



    How to Breakdown Technically Complex Stories?

    Agile teams must be able to breakdown complex pieces of requirements so they are able to deliver value sprint in, sprint out. This enables value delivery and eliminates risk. At times, Product Owners struggle to break stories down, and the bigger stories can’t be delivered with reasonable amount of time. Here are some techniques, and an example of how to break technically complex user stories into smaller stories.



    How To Go From Continuous Delivery to Continuous Deployment?

    Deployment still sucks, well at least at most places it does. Lots of people talk about lots of continuous things. Continuous integration, continuous delivery and then of course continuous deployment. Let’s say you’ll benefit from continuous delivery. How do you actually get there and how to balance the software delivery and ever-neglected infrastructure?



    The House that Lean Built

    If we consider a house built on Lean principles, what’d look like? How many pillars would it have? What’ll make the foundation? And what’d the roof look like? Here a model house built on Lean principles.



    How to Overcome Technical Debt?

    Technical debt hurts, just like financial debt. Technical debt kills agility, makes code brittle and lowers team morale. We all want to eliminate, or well, reduce technical debt. But how do we do that? Here’s a 3 step process to help you overcome the pain of technical debt.



    How to Deal With Disruptive Team Members?

    Do these sound familiar, ‘this ain’t gonna work’, ‘I don’t care’ or ‘this will not work’. These are signs that you have a team member who’s a jerk, or a slacker or an eternal pessimist. Or a combination of it. These behaviours will bring the whole team down over time. How do you deal with these personality traits? Here are some ideas.



    Third Incarnation of Exploratory Testing

    Inherently, exploratory testing is testing. That’s how it used to be. Then testing got formalised. And we had all sorts of testing. Then along came test automation. But to rephrase, exploratory testing is real testing. James Bach explores different phases in exploratory testing, and the makes the case the scripted testing is effectively ‘demotion of testing’ – real testing is exploratory. Have a read.



    Is Agile Just a Convenient Excuse For Cowboys?

    Agile is best suited for projects where the requirements change, or are otherwise unclear. Or, is it merely an excuse for being lazy, and not doing the work upfront. Work like design and analysis. Is it just a convenient tool for cowboys?