• Issue 1 - February 27, 2015


    Why No is the Hardest Word?

    Warren Buffet once said, the difference between successful people and very successful people is that very successful people say ‘no’ to almost everything. What’s the most powerful tool in the Product Owner toolset? How to use it effectively to manage the Product Backlog?


    How to Make User Stories more Conversational?

    Product Owners should write the user stories and the development team should develop and deliver the work defined by the user stories. But user stories are supposed to encourage conversation, instead of ending the conversation, as use cases do. So how does conversation fit into the scheme of writing user stories? And who should write them? Martin Fowler explains


    Is Story Points Estimation Wasteful?

    Using story points help us plan more efficiently, that’s the prevailing arugment. Some people have started to think it’s not the case. They think using the story points wasteful. Vasco makes the case for no-estimation. It’s a detailed look at what are the benefits (most of these are perceived in Vasco’s opinion) of using story points, and it provides a counter argument as to why using the story points may be wasteful.



    Cross Functional Teams, DevOps and Automation

    Who should get the call when that system crashes? DevOps? You cross fucntional Team? Is Does DevOps mean a separate team? And how to inject the best of automation and DevOps ethos in your cross functional teams?



    Are they People or Resources?

    Coal is a resource, so is timber. You can replace a piece of timber with another one. No one will notice. People are termed as resources. Just because a team member has the same experince, doesn’t make the team members reosources, right? They are still people. Or are they?



    How to Use an Agile Tool in an Agile Way?

    Agile tools are aplenty. We are spoilt for choices. A good tool definitely helps. But many Agile tools are not very agile anymore. They contain a long list of features and enhancement. Jira is no exception. Here’s a look at how to use it in a more effective way, to keep the use, well, agile


    6 Ways to Reduce Work Related Anxiety

    Stress and anxiet kill productivity. Yet, many of the traditional management and organisational policy makers pay little attention to the stress and anxiety caused by the copy-cat policies that are very common. What can leaders and managers do the reduce work place anxiety? Here’s a quick read that highlights six ideas